6 Podcasts Recommendations for Runners

Running can sometimes be stressful and frustrating, and listening to podcasts is ideal entertainment for running. With a set of headphones, we are able to completely indulge ourselves in a world of knowledge, stimulation, self-improvement, and entertainment. However, with hundreds of thousands of podcasts available, choosing the perfect podcast to listen to while running is not easy. 

No worries, Oladance team gets you covered. Our runner team chooses a mix of the best running podcasts – including running coaching podcasts, running lifestyle podcasts, comedy podcasts, and more – that help you level up your running experience. 


Marathon Training Academy

If you have any questions regarding running, for example, should we run during pregnancy? How to take control of your thoughts during running? What to eat when preparing for a race? Then this podcast is designed for you. In the podcast, many accomplished runners are invited to share their experience and answer questions about running or racing. The podcast is dedicated to “Empowering You to Run a Marathon and Change Your Life.” Don’t miss out on Marathon Traning Academy if you want to get some useful running advice.


Running For Real

The journey of being a great runner is not always easy. You’ll be faced with many setbacks, self-doubt, and constant thoughts of giving up. Running For Real is the podcast for you when you find running or racing frustrating. It is about helping you achieve your running goals and dreams. The podcast invites sports psychologists, nutritionists, scientists, elite runners, strength training coaches, and more to offer down-to-earth running suggestions. It is also about being real. Hear honest, inspiring stories from runners of every level to help motivate you through your struggles and not feel so alone.


 Trail Running Women

Excel in racing as a woman is physically, socially, and psychologically challenging. The good news is we still have a bunch of role models that can inspire us with their experience on struggling with all sorts of things in life. The women of the trails share their stories about running, racing, and life. These ladies from around the globe get honest about everything from competing, motherhood, and trying to have it all. Get ready for training ideas, gear tips, and a healthy dose of inspiration.


 The Guardian’s Science Weekly

Tired of all sorts of running podcasts and want to hear something different? A heathy dose of interesting science facts can light up your mood and make your running more enjoyable. Guardian’s Science Weekly is a podcast that asks the big questions and then answers them in an engaging and digestible way. Ever wondered, for instance, how to choose the perfect birthday gift? Or Why aren’t women being diagnosed with ADHD? Science Weekly answers all strange questions you have or haven’t thought of, making your running journey more rewarding.


 The Rambling Runner

Not everyone has the privilege of dedicating their whole life to running. For amateur runners, balancing our passion for running with our jobs, families, friends and everything else life throws at us is not always easy. In this podcast, Matt Chittim gives practical advice on how to manage your time and motivate yourself when it seems impossible to keep running. This podcast is made for dedicated and motivated amateur runners who are working hard to get better and achieving inspirational results.


 The Running Explained Podcast

Whether you are a seasoned or new runner, as long as you've always had a passion for running, you're bound to have new questions about this sport. Running Explained is where all your running questions are answered! For new runners, you are able to get advice about how to hit your first mile, or conquering the pain cave. For experienced runners, you’ll get some recovery suggestions and gear recommendations. Afterall, there's always something new to learn about running. More surprises await in weekly Q&A episodes and special expert interviews!


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