I thought open-ear earbuds couldn't deliver top sound – Oladance proved me wrong

Open-ear true wireless earbuds that sound good? Meet OWS

It's a dilemma that continues to fuel heated debates among music lovers across the globe: is it better go in, on, or over your ears when selecting the best headphones for your musical pleasure? 


I am not here to tell you which option is best overall (although that would be over-ears for flights, true wireless earbuds for a compact commute, something wired for when hi-res musical clarity and detail is a must), but I am here to tell you there's another way. 

No, I'm not talking about the best bone conduction headphones either. There exists a realm of wireless headphones called "open-ear". These come in compact wireless charging cases similar to regular true wireless earbuds, but unlike in-ear propositions, a decent seal betwixt ear canal and the neck and silicon ear tip of your earbud is not necessary – the earpiece is not going to enter your earhole at all. 


The market for open-ear earbuds is still somewhat niche; JBL recently released a set of transformable buds, although Sony's Linkbuds may also have caught your attention, or perhaps the sportier Cleer Audio Arc. No? Well, Oladance claims to be the world leader in open wearable audio, so get ready to learn why they're a good idea.