Product Help - OWS2

How about the Hz range/decibel(dB) range of OWS 2, is there any EQ setting for OWS 2?

The HZ range of our oladance earbuds is 20Hz-20KHz. The decibel (dB) level range of our oladance earbuds is -3dB-3dB. Our oladance earbuds support adjusting EQ while listening to music. Adjust Location: Connect Device -> Device Main Interface -> Device Setting Interface -> Equalizer Generally speaking, in the initial state, the position of the sound effect slider button in the...

Ask if the device connection is supported/adapted?

Our oladance earbuds can be connected to standard Bluetooth devices. oladance earbuds could be connected to any electronic device with Bluetooth and an audio source with Bluetooth.   But in order to ensure that there is no problem with your connection, we recommend that you contact the customer service of the device to confirm whether it can be connected. If you...

How about the comfor? Does OWS 2 fall off easily?

Extremely comfort! oladance features a completely Open-Ear design that rests gently and securely on top of your ear. There are no tips, so they’ll never go into your ear. That’s how they deliver superior sound in a natural, comfortable way. Not easy to fall off. Compared with traditional in-ear earbuds, the oladance uses an innovative ear-hanging design and has been...

What causes white noise? How to deal with white noise?

White noise is a common problem with all speakers and headphones; it is generated when electronic devices operate. Most TWS headphones also have white noise when the system turns on the noise reduction mode. It is a normal phenomenon, not the quality problem of the headset itself, so there is no need to worry.

Could the earbuds be touched controlling?

No problem! You can use the finger to slide the touch panel to control the earbuds to switch or pause your playlist, answer or reject the call, adjust the volume, activate your voice assistant, and other operations.

The difference between Bose and OWS?

oladance open earbuds could bring superior sound and more comfortable experience. oladance earbuds equipped with dual 16.5mm dynamic drivers and 16 hours of playtime are better than Bose. Nice product!!!

App Download?

Hi, you can download oladance APP on the APP store or on google play. Please search "oladance'' directly and find the corresponding app to download. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Does OWS affect wearing glasses/frames?

Hello, these earbuds can be adjusted to your comfortable position without affecting your glasses, and the sound quality won't be affected by the glasses as well.

Do I need buy additional charging case?

Hi, when you buy the oladance earbuds, there is a free wired charging case, so it can be charged normally. Another charging case that needs to be purchased separately is wireless and is a portable charging case. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Is there microphone and noise reduction?

Hello, each OWS is equipped with a dual microphone directional voice system, which uses directional acoustic wave integration technology to improve the call quality. oladance is an open earbud, so there is no ANC noise reduction. However, the external noise will be weakened by the sound inside the headset and there will be noise reduction during the call. Users will...

Can OWS 2 mute the call?

Hi, users can't directly mute the call by touching the earbuds. You can mute calls through the calling app you are using. The mute function will also be added to our official software in the future so that users can set it through the oladance app. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Where is the original production?

Thank you for your support! oladance manufactures the products in China. As a global leader in open wearable stereo, we attach great importance to our product quality. Our previous customers rarely questioned about our product quality and most of them are satisfied with the sound quality.

Can I wear OWS 2 when I am on the bed?

Hi, oladance is shaped to fit the natural curve of your ear, and it has a multi-point support system that offers a stable fit under all conditions. So you don't have to worry about wearing it on the bed.

What codecs (e.g. aac, aptx, aptx-ll) are supported?

Hi, our earbuds support sbc codecs

Will the battery bring some negative effect on my health?

Hello, OWS will not have a negative effect on your health. It has undergone rigorous testing and obtained FCC and CE safety certifications. Meanwhile, we have more than 4000 happy users worldwide. The quality and effectiveness of oladance are recognized by these use

Can I wear OWS 2 while I wear the hearing aids?

Hi, we do not recommend you wear our earbuds with hearing aids. Here are two reasons as follows. Due to the shape of different hearing aids, the hearing aids may have an effect on the stability of the earbuds. Wearing earbuds with hearing aids could make them prone to fall off. If the hearing aids are in-ear or other types,...