Who are we?

We are Oladance, a group of enthusiasts who strive to create truly transformative wearable audio products. We have more than a decade of experience in the audio industry. As the first technicians on ANC, we aim to be pioneers in the audio industry.
We have been deeply involved in the high-tech consumer electronics industry for a long time. In addition to our leading advances in technology, we also seek a deeper understanding of users and audio products. We focus on innovation, quality products, and user health, and we believe in the importance of a sustainable future. Therefore, we have developed our patented OWS (Open Wearable Stereo) technology. With the help of OWS, we want to connect users with health technology products, helping our users explore higher-level spiritual pursuits without concerns about daily life.
Our new and unique technology will surround the body with advanced, avant-garde wearable products to reduce the negative impact of technology, accelerate the integration of technology and life, and to create a beautiful world that is more creative and sustainable. The meaning of Oladance is to drive innovation in the technology industry, and implement healthy technology. We want all users of our wearable devices to be able to better stimulate creativity, use the power of connected devices to surpass sensory limits, communicate efficiently, and ultimately to create a happier, more convenient life, with fewer limits.

Use our uniqueness to lead the industry

OWS Technology

OWS (Open Wearable Stereo) is the brand new solution for all the pain points of traditional TWS earphones. OWS was first proposed by Oladance, and is a fully open experience.

Relying on the improvement of chip technology and algorithms in recent years, OWS uses multiple sound source points and dynamic monitoring and calculation to form synthetic sounds. Also, it dynamically adjusts the phase relationship between each synthetic sound source to suppress the diffusion of external sound and enhance the detailed performance of in-ear sound transmission. 

In addition,  sound frequencies that the human ear is not sensitive to are moved to the frequency band that the human ear is sensitive to, bringing better sound quality while reducing the threat of sound to hearing health. For the first time, OWS technology solves the problem of poor sound quality in open earphones, and brings a sound quality experience far beyond the various current open-audio solutions.

Compared to traditional in-ear wearable listening solutions, the truly open earphones with OWS technologies provide a better user experience, and we believe is the final form of long-time wearable listening devices in the future.

Calm Technology

Calm Technology is the future of our brand and technology development. We hope that in the future, there will be no anxiety or discomfort caused by technology. We hope our products are natural and invisible, as indistinguishable as the air around you.

Wearable Device

We are trying to make wearables functionally invisible. We hope to promote the transformation of wearable devices and cloud applications, to guide users to a more natural, connected, and integrated smart, mobile, life. Ultimately, we’d like to see the current form factor of phones fade away so that humans can really raise their heads and free their hands. We hope to bring communication to wearable devices, to help human beings interact more effectively while accessing the cloud’s vast resources for information, communication, and computation, allowing users to roam the physical world as they do the future metaverse world.

Our Vision:Build a super human world

The future we envision will see a more diverse super human world and a more sustainable technological future. Technology should affect the world in a positive way, and the inevitable harmful side effects require thoughtful, careful work to minimize. Most people in the industry only see the environmental problems brought by technology, and few pay attention to the health problems brought by technology: radiation, hearing damage, pesticides, genetic changes, smog, ultraviolet rays, internet addiction, antibiotics, additives, psychological anxiety, vision loss, and so on are common issues, but they are not taken always seriously by everyone. We want to make a truly positive and sustainable technology product. Our goal is to help everyone experience a better, healthier life through insightful care for our users' humanity.

Our Mission: Use technology to help human beings supercede the limits of their senses, so that everyone can enjoy a natural and healthy lifestyle.

Oladance will develop more context-aware wearables, helping our users go beyond their sensory limits to the greatest extent possible. In the future, these wearable devices will exist naturally in our lives, as invisibly as air. As an extension of human senses, they will help users stay keenly aware of the situation, assess users’ needs, automatically respond without instructions, and satisfy those needs instantly. At the same time, with the help of wearable devices, our users will not need to worry about the discomfort, fatigue, and physical damage caused by wearing technology products for a long time, leaving them free to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.