Corporate Social Responsibility

Oladance is a company that values warmth and responsibility. We hope to grow the social value of the company by focusing on the mental health of children, an idea that originated from the social responsibility of Howland, the founder of Oladance.
Howland was devastated by the unexpected death of his father. Even though he was already an adult, it took him nearly ten years to fully resolve this trauma. Therefore, Howland is deeply aware that everyone in this world may encounter accidents at any time. Adults are mature and can recover from tragedy more easily, but many children, no matter their wealth or other advantages, can suffer when accidents or setbacks cause trauma, interfering with their lifelong growth, and sometimes leading to even worse outcomes. When we talk about caring for children, the conversation is often framed from a monetary perspective, using money to care for children living in poverty. But trauma does not distinguish between rich and poor. Oladance is the first brand in the world that approaches care for children from a psychological perspective, not strictly a financial one. We hope to use our products to provide care, and use the proceeds from our products to influence more people to join us in spreading love. As excited as we are, this is just the beginning. We hope that many more people will join us to pay more attention to the mental health of children and fill the world with more positive energy.

We will launch a non-profit program—The Dream Project

Which will focus on the mental health of children. The program will aim to collect wishes from children and help achieve them.
We hope this project will help as many people as we can, to give people some support during a difficult period. At the same time, we also hope to foster a supportive community that values love and warmth for all that need it. We want our community to be a place where everyone can share their joys and sorrows, anytime, anywhere.
Oladance will do as much as we can to help children in need, and to support and empower them. If you or your children have a goal that we can help you achieve, please submit it to our official Dream Project. We promise our best efforts will go to helping your family, and putting smiles on children’s faces. In time, we hope to expand the number of those we help, and also to help promote and organize similar efforts from others with the resources to give. Let’s gather our strength as a community, and protect the most innocent among us.

The Dream Project is under development, and is coming soon.

We can’t wait to start helping- and we hope you look forward to it, too.