1. What is OWS?

OWS (Open Wearable Stereo) is the brand new solution for all the pain points of traditional TWS earphones. OWS was first proposed by Olandance, and is a fully open experience.

Relying on the improvement of chip technology and algorithms in recent years, OWS uses multiple sound source points and dynamic monitoring and calculation to form synthetic sounds. Also, it dynamically adjusts the phase relationship between each synthetic sound source to suppress the diffusion of external sound and enhance the detailed performance of in-ear sound transmission. 

In addition,  sound frequencies that the human ear is not sensitive to are moved to the frequency band that the human ear is sensitive to, bringing better sound quality while reducing the threat of sound to hearing health. For the first time, OWS technology solves the problem of poor sound quality in open earphones, and brings a sound quality experience far beyond the various current open-audio solutions.

Compared to traditional in-ear wearable listening solutions, the truly open earphones with OWS technologies provide a better user experience, and we believe is the final form of long-time wearable listening devices in the future.

2. What makes OWS different

There are three types of open earphones on the market now:

  • Bone conduction: Transmits sound through solids, reducing air loss. The disadvantages are a serious loss of frequency bands, and the difficulty of controlling sound leakage.

  • Conduit earphones: Relies on a conduit to lead more distant sounds near the ear. Can avoid sound leakage to an extent, but has significant difficulty overcoming air resistance to sound.

  • OWS: Uses near-field transmission to the ear, relying on two or more sound source points generated by the same sound-generating unit, along with dynamic monitoring and algorithms, forming a synthetic sound source. The relationship between different sound sources forms acoustic dipoles, which allow OWS to suppress outward radiation and enhance in-ear sound transmission and high fidelity performance. 

3. The Advantages of OWS

  • Healthy. The fully open, non-entry design does not cause swelling or pain in the ears, even after prolonged wear and use. This helps avoid ear canal hygiene problems, as well as ear inflammation and lesions caused by closed ear canals.

  • Safe. The fully open design allows you to stay in tune with your external environment, like when you're running outside or during your daily commute. Enjoy your music while having a safer experience, and staying more firmly immersed in the world around you.

  • Stay away from hearing loss. Oladance developed its own patented technology for shifting harmful frequency bands. The OWS automatically identifies and removes those frequencies in audio that are damaging to your hearing, reducing the damage caused to your ears by long-term use of audio equipment, so you can listen without fear of hearing loss.

  • Surrounding stereo sound. 

Virtual bass: On the software side, Oladance uses dynamic monitoring algorithms to detect those bass frequencies occluded by high resonant frequencies and air blocking. On the hardware side, Oladance’s proprietary OWS design adds dedicated amplifier circuitry to enhance audio performance, effectively increasing the richness of the bass, like a "subwoofer hanging on the ear”, reproducing the frequencies, restoring a full and deep bass, and massively improving the sound quality experience.

Dynamic EQ:
Keep your bass tuned with Oladance’s virtual bass and dynamic EQ technology. Using automatic hearing compensation, they deliver even sound at different frequencies. Whether you’re indoor or outdoor, Oladance provides a stronger sound quality experience, at any time.

Most powerful drivers:
Two powerful 16.5mm drivers combine to bring you acoustic brilliance. With drivers three times the size of Apple’s Airpods, they create an audio experience that’s more like an intimate concert setting, and less like a pair of earphones. And the top bio-diaphragm technology offers a rich, consistent listening experience at any volume, from crisp and clear highs to driving, powerful lows.

Strength of Core:
The OWS earphone is equipped with a powerful smart chip that supports high-speed computing and adds a variety of audio algorithms to bring stable and stereo high-quality sound to your ears.

Directional conduction:
OWS is based on the principle of air conduction, and optimizes its open
body structure to achieve directional sound transmission, ensuring that the sound generating unit your ears precisely, and you can fully enjoy the melody.