How to solve the white noise problem of OWS?

If you are having trouble with white noise generated by OWS, the following information may help you troubleshoot and resolve issues.

1. Download oladance APP on the APP store or google play. (version 4.0.6)

2. Click "New Device" to add the OWS earbuds to the app. 

3. After connecting to the product in the APP, enter the "Settings" interface, and you will see an "Auto Mute" button.

4. According to your needs, you can freely choose the option of "5 minutes" or "1 hour". The system will go silent after the time period you choose, and the amplifier will be turned off.

Of course, you don't have to worry about turning it on manually when using it again. When the music starts to play, the power amplifier in the system will automatically turn on, and a slight "Pop" sound means the power amplifier is on.



We are still doing our best to upgrade the product's user experience and will innovatively solve this problem in the following software upgrade and product iteration. If you think this solution cannot help you, we can provide unconditional return service. Please get in touch with our after-sales customer service.