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Great Sound

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“I am very happy with the fit and comfort of the Oladance headphones. I was worried that they might be uncomfortable -- I have pretty sensitive ears that don't play well with most headphones.” --Leah 2022/08/11

“I really like these alot. This is the first sound device I've ever had that didn't cause me pain somewhere on or around my ears!!!” --RB 2022/07/14

“These headphones have been a game changer. They are extremely comfortable. They cover your ear canal but don’t actually go into your ear.” --dlivtx 2022/07/20

“This is great if you are using them while outside, at work, or in any situation where you want to be somewhat aware of your surroundings.” --dlivtx 2022/07/20

“The sound is great - even for music I’d rate it higher than every other pair of earbuds I’ve used and at least as good as my Soundcore Q20 over-ear headphones, and podcasts and ebooks are excellent.” --Poppy Seaberry 2022/07/11

“Sound quality is surprisingly good (good soundstage and forward/present mids and vocals) given they are not in-ear earbuds, which is the whole point of their design.” --Erns Pen 2022/08/02

“The battery power is strong. I can wear them and listen to Spotify a solid 10 hrs with no fear they'll die. I've used them that long two consecutive days and had no issues.” --RB 2022/07/14

“The battery life is like nothing I've seen before!” --Derrick 2022/07/09

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