Audio to Help Improve Your Romantic Relationship: Podcasts, Songs, and Audiobooks

Audio to Help Improve Your Romantic Relationship: Podcasts, Songs, and Audiobooks

Valentine's Day is undoubtedly one of the most exciting days at the beginning of the year! Romantic love is indeed desirable, but also comes with many challenges. We also need to keep learning to make ourselves better lovers. In this special day, oladance has prepared something for you to help and understand romance better! Whether you are single, in a relationship or just got broken up. We believe that what we got for you can inspire you a lot. Grab your oladance and start your exploration in love!




Relationship Advice

This podcast provides practical love advice for young couples, helping us to solve common issues in their relationships. Do you and your lover hold different values? How to deal with money issues in a relationship? If you are faced with relationship problems like these, don’t hesitate to check out this podcast. Hosted by Chase Kosterlitz and produced by Sarah Kosterlit, the insight from this podcast can help you build up a fulfilling and happy relationship.  


A Fight Worth Fighting: A Marriage and Family Podcast

Most people enter marriage with an envision that love can last forever. On your wedding day you said those famous words, right? You know, “for better or for worse”? Well, what happens when disagreements and quarrels just seem to go on and on and on and on!?

On this podcast, we will seek advice and encouragement from those who have long happy marriages and have lived out the saying, “it may not be easy, but it will be worth it!”

The podcast is not just about spouses, but their relationship with their kids. So no matter where you are in your marriage right now, this podcast can either give you a quick fix or help you prevent future problems that may arise.


The Self-Love Effect

People often say we have to learn to love ourselves before learning to love others, which is a cliché but undoubtedly true. In this podcast, you’ll hear interviewees share their stories on self-love, body positivity, hardships & triumphs. The message the host wants to spread is: it is okay to be raw & vulnerable. How to invest in yourself, how to take control of your thoughts and befriend your inner critic? Loving yourself is your ultimate superpower. It is important that you embrace who you are and that you always show up as your unapologetic self. 





Have you ever wondered why you have always attracted the same type of person and why you are making the same mistake in love over and over again? Psychiatrist and neuroscientists Dr. Amir Levine and Rachel Heller scientifically explain why some people seem to navigate relationships effortlessly while others struggle by laying out the three most common personal attachment styles adults have. In this book, you’ll find out your attachment style, see what are the characteristics and how to adapt your attachment style to something healthier, leading to better and long-lasting relationships.


Relationship Goals

Michael Todd has already impacted millions of people around the world by teaching them to go through the hardship in their relationships. Now, in Relationship Goals, Michael tells his own story of heartache and healing, unpacks explosive truths from God’s word, and tells it to you straight to help you win at relationships in every part of your life.


I Hear You

It is said that we need to express ourselves more openly in love, explicitly show our needs to our lovers and open our minds. However, Michael Sorensen’s work focuses on a specific skill: better conversational listening. Michael stated in the book that some small changes in conversation can really make a difference. Sorensen explains how these changes can impact different types of relationships with examples ranging from conversations between romantic partners to persuasive presentations in a professional setting.




We prepared three songs for people who are in different stages of a romantic relationship:


If you are longing for a relationship and want to fully open your heart to someone:

“So tired of broken hearts and losing at this game

Before I start this dance

I take a chance in telling you

I want more than just romance”


If you just enter a relationship after a long period of “maybe”-ing:

“I can see the stars all the way from here

Can’t you see the glow on the window pane

I can feel the sun whenever you near

Every time you touch me I just melt away”


If you’re dusting yourself off after a breakup and try to get recovered:

“When I am away from you, I’m happier than ever

Wish I could explain it better”