How about the Hz range/decibel(dB) range of OWS 2, is there any EQ setting for OWS Pro?

The HZ range of our oladance earbuds is 10Hz-20KHz.

Our oladance earbuds support adjusting EQ while listening to music, and you can find the EQ setting in our app.

Generally speaking, in the initial state, the position of the sound effect slider button in the middle of the App is the default setting (located in 0). Kindly note that adjusting the EQ on some mobile phones may cause the audio to freeze when listening to music, but the settings will take effect. If this happens, you can exit our oladance App and listen to the music again. Below 200Hz is low frequency, 200Hz-2.5kHz is medium frequency, and above 2.5kHz is high frequency. You can play familiar music to adjust the EQ and feel the changes in different frequency bands.