What’s the advantage of OWS Pro?

oladance is the world’s first company who make open wearable stereo with a unique battery behind the design. This innovative design provides several advantages. Compared with commonly used in-ear earbuds, it has all the benefits of open earbuds, like letting you hear the surrounding sound while listening to music, reducing hearing loss, and is comfortable for long-term wear. Compared to previous generations, OWS Pro has many advantages:

  1. More comfortable feeling. OWS Pro is made of medical-grade Liquid Silicone Rubber, which can bring much more comfortable feeling to our users.
  2. More stable fit. OWS Pro is designed by multi points supporting, so that our users can use OWS Pro without any worry of the stability, such as climbing, playing baseball, jogging or riding.
  3. Focus mode. OWS Pro is unique earphone of its focus-mode, which can provide a purer working environment or thinking environment.
  4. Physical turn off/on button. OWS Pro is designed with physical turn off/on button, which can save the battery and use it more conveniently.
  5. Available for fast-charging. 15-min fast charging can make it 6 hours battery life.
  6. Multi-point connection.
  7. Treblemicrophone directional voice system. To provide better sound performance to our users.

Wider color options. OWS Pro has 5 colors options: White, Silver, Black, Pink and Green.