What is the difference between OWS 1 and OWS 2?


OWS 2 has three upgrades relative to OWS 1:

1.OWS 2 sound quality has been improved.

  1. Upgraded biofilm material with softer diaphragms, greater amplitude, and better bass;
  2. The use of higher energy magnets, the more energy, the better the bass performance;
  3. Upgraded sound algorithm, better sound quality, rich bass, soft and clear vocals, clear highs. 
  1. The OW2 to join the multi-point connection. With advanced Bluetooth 5.3 and multipoint connection technology, OWS 2 wireless earbuds could connect any two different Bluetooth devices simultaneously.


  1. Headphones last longer, low-power battery upgrade. Charge 1 time, can be used continuously for 19 hours. With the 160mAh large capacity battery and the newest breakthrough low-consumption algorithms patents, oladance earbuds provide up to 19 hours of continuous playback per charge or up to 10 hours of continuous calls, tested by oladance laboratory at 50% volume.