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What is the difference between Bose and OWS Pro?

OWS Pro could bring superior sound and more comfortable experience. oladance earbuds equipped with dual 23mm*10mm dynamic drivers and 16 hours of playtime are better than Bose. Nice product!!!

App Download

Hi, you can download oladance APP on the APP store or on google play. Please search "oladance" directly and find the corresponding app to download. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

Does OWS Pro affect wearing glasses/frames?

Hello, these earbuds can be adjusted to your comfortable position without affecting your glasses, and the sound quality won't be affected by the glasses as well.

Do I need buy additional charging case?

Hi, when you buy the OWS Pro, there is a free charging case, so you don’t need buy additional charging case.

Is there microphone and noise reduction?

Hello, each OWS Pro is equipped with a treble microphone directional voice system, which uses directional acoustic wave integration technology to improve the call quality. oladance is an open earbud, so there is no ANC noise reduction. However, the external noise will be weakened by the sound inside the headset and there will be noise reduction during the call. Users will not be disturbed...

Where is the original production?

Thank you for your support! oladance manufactures the products in China. As a global leader in open wearable stereo, we attach great importance to our product quality. Our previous customers rarely questioned about our product quality and most of them are satisfied with the sound quality.

Can I wear OWS Pro when I am on the bed?

Hi, oladance is shaped to fit the natural curve of your ear, and it has a multi-point support system that offers a stable fit under all conditions. So you don't have to worry about wearing it on the bed.

What codecs (e.g. aac, aptx, aptx-ll) are supported?

Hi, OWS Pro supports SBC codecs.

Will the battery bring some negative effect on my health?

Hello, OWS will not have a negative effect on your health. It has undergone rigorous testing and obtained FCC and CE safety certifications. Meanwhile, we have more than 4000 happy users worldwide. The quality and effectiveness of oladance are recognized by these users. oladance has been launched on Amazon in Europe and America.

Can OWS Pro work with Google assistant?

Sorry, OWS Pro can’t work with Google assistant.

Is there rich bass for OWS Pro?

Hi, OWS Pro is at the forefront of bass richness in open audio products, our OWS Pro are dedicated to bringing you a healthier, more comfortable, and transparent listening experience.

Can I use the single earphone for calling?

Hi, You could use the left earbud or the right earbud independently for music & calls.

Can I connect the Bluetooth without downloading the app?

OWS Pro can be used through Bluetooth directly connected to the device without downloading oladance APP.

How to turn off the OWS Pro?

There are 2 ways to turn off the OWS Pro. First way, you can press the physical turn-off/on button for 2 seconds to turn it off. Second way, the earbuds will turn off when you place them in the case and close the lid, and turn on after you open the case.

How to clean the OWS Pro?

If you want to clean the OWS Pro, you could use a fine dust-free cloth, dip a small amount of alcohol with a concentration of 75%, and then gently wipe the top cover in one direction (the alcohol should just wet the cloth, not soaking through). If there is only alcohol wet tissue, wring it out before use to avoid the...

How about the OWS Pro’s performance during movement?

You can wear our OWS Pro during cycling/moving/jogging/baseball movement.