Product Help - OWS2

How long to make the OWS 2 full charged?

 Our oladance earbuds take about 1.5--2 hours to be fully charged in either with the carrying box or the wireless charging case(from 0% to 100%).

Can OWS 2 work with Microsoft?

Our oladance earbuds are standard Bluetooth headsets. Kindly note that during the meeting with Microsoft, you need to switch the call mode to Hands-Free mode on the computer.

Can it support ACC?

We would like to explain to you that oladance earbuds support AAC. If you are using the iPhone, the default mode is AAC after connecting with the earbuds. If you are using Android phones, you may need to enter the Developer Mode or Bluetooth setting in the phone settings and then specify the AAC code. Kindly note that although our...

How about the latency?

The latency of our oladance earbuds is 200ms, which ensures sound and picture synchronization.  

What function can we use in oladance app?

Hi, you could download oladance APP on the APP store or on google play. Please search "oladance'' directly and find the corresponding app to download.  Please click "New Device" to add the earbuds to the app. After connecting the earbuds to the oladance APP, you could additionally use the following functions of the earbuds via the APP: Battery quantity. Sound...

Can I bend the OWS 2?

So sorry to tell you that our earbuds can be bent 90° without deformation, but the titanium wire in the earbuds must hold the external force to keep its shape, otherwise it will spring back.

How to use the charging case?

Under normal conditions, when the wireless charging case is charging the earbuds, the breathing light will not flash and will not be on when the Type-C cable is not connected to the power. When the Type-C cable is connected to the power, the breathing light of the charging case will flash to display its battery power, and the light will...

How about the temperature range?

Our oladance earbuds support use in the temperature range of -18℃ to +58℃.

What is the difference between OWS 1 and OWS 2?

Hi, OWS 2 has three upgrades relative to OWS 1: 1.OWS 2 sound quality has been improved. Upgraded biofilm material with softer diaphragms, greater amplitude, and better bass; The use of higher energy magnets, the more energy, the better the bass performance; Upgraded sound algorithm, better sound quality, rich bass, soft and clear vocals, clear highs.  The OW2 to join...